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  • John Mittelman

    Attorney since 1987

    “We know why you’re here. You or a loved one have been hurt

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  • Why You Need Us

    Your injury has changed your life forever, right? You feel frightened and lost. You need someone you can trust to help, but you have no idea where to start. You are not only sick or injured, you’re experiencing huge emotional and financial challenges as well.

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  • Good Lawyer Stories

    As an attorney practicing for more than 23 years, I understand that you may be nervous about calling a lawyer. Just like any profession or business, there are good and bad lawyers. Spotting a bad lawyer is easier than you think….so is finding the right one.

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  • How We Can Help

    I believe the better informed you are, the more powerful you can be. My website gives you up-to-date information about the legal process and how to navigate through it. You can ask any question by contacting me here and you’ll receive the answers you need to get through this difficult time in your life.

Highly recommend John Mittelman

I was involved in a construction-site accident involving contractor negligence. John showed a genuine interest in defining and pursuing the facts involved in my case. John has an amazing ability to grasp highly technical information and understood the nuances and technical jargon concerning my case. Furthermore, he was attentive, responsive, and provided information in a timely manner. I felt confident in his knowledge of the legal system and highly recommend John for any personal injury case.

- George I., Client, Oceanside


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